What can I say ? -  the website is absolutely superb ! - I have spent the whole afternoon revelling in memories of some of the happiest years of my life - Keith and the rest of you have done a magnificent job - many many thanks - you have made an old teacher very, very happy. Thank you. Sincerely,
Peter Halliwell

Just had a quick look at the new web site......fantastic job. Brought back loads of memories seeing all those names and photos.
See you on the 10th.                              
Joan Davies (Lloyd)

Well done Keith! You must be very pleased with the way it has turned out. Great use of music too. I hope everyone does their bit and helps to fill it up. It's a fantastic resource. My youngest son can't believe the things we got up to!    
Janice Birkill (Taylor)

I have just spent a most enjoyable evening wallowing in nostalgia; soaking up the contents of your fantastic website. Congratulations on producing such a brilliant piece of work. Your tribute to Syd Jolley was very touching and brought a lump to my throat. I canít wait for the reunion.       
Norma Hilton (Taylor)

Congratulations on a splendid website Keith. Spent about 90 minutes last night reminiscing. Itís quite remarkable how the website has taken off. Job for life springs to mind.
John Watts

Well done webmaster! I will have another look tomorrow - must pretend to work for now.                              
Roger Yearn

I know I always take the mickey but for once I am contacting you to say how fantastic the website is that you have created. I have read every article and been truly impressed by what you have done.I keep going back to it to see if there has been any more additions. I am not going to spoil this genuine compliment because you truly deserve any praise which comes your way for this superb effort.
PS I still think you're a boring bastard                                                                                                    
Graham Sager

The other really good thing about this reunion and web site is that the web site is addictive, I look at it everyday and I am sure so do others. Also because of the reunion old friends are contacting each other.
Les and myself have been sending emails to each other all the time.
Long may it continue hopefully after the reunion

Brian Hartley

Seen the site - youíve done a fantastic job in bringing everything (and everyone!) together.What impresses me most (apart from the obvious effort that youíve put in) is the evocative nature of it all - Kath says she could spend all day just looking at the welcome page!
David Taylor

For a man who completed a Herculean task with the HTHS web-site, & has been instrumental in getting us all together for the forthcoming GRAND REUNION, how could I refuse to cobble up a few paragraphs telling you how I got to where I am now. My slow typing needs more time in front of the computer than I can spare right now but I will send it soon.
Tony Peck

Congratulations on a fantastic website. It's very addictive, I keep logging on to see what's been added.
Christine Lockett (Shaw)

Think the website is great, but none of it would have been possible without a complete computer illiterate sat on the other end of Keith Royales phone line for hour upon bloody hour, being castigated for his incompetance; the inadequacies of his computer and for interrupting when Keith was in full flow. It's not often I can't get a word in edgeways. I was rather upset at my apparent computer illiteracy as, compared to Mike Russell, I'm a bloody genius. Mike was permanently changing his computer, his printer..... as they didn't work until someone said to him PICNIC - Problem In Chair Not In Computer.
Nigel Marland

Congratulations on producing a brilliant website. Obviously there has been many hours of time, effort and research regarding Hathershaw to come up with something as good as this. I keep coming back to the site to look for new updates and additions to the biography section. My 13year old daughter thinks the photo of 1M in 1958 is hilarious, (Especially me), and wants to know why all the boys have ears that stick out. Something to do with the haircuts I think.Best Wishes,
Chris Taylor

Your site is great. It is going to give me a lot of pleasure.
Brian Jones

Hope you are well.
The reunion was a great idea. It really promises to be a super day. I will be flying into Manchester on Wednesday October 7th and staying at the Travelodge on Manchester Street. I am really looking forward to the event.
Although I have maintained contact with Ian Wrigley and managed to stay with him and Faye every few years, I have not seen the other members of the Techniques since a visit that I made to Oldham in 1969. This is a great opportunity to reconnect
I saw Les Andrews bio yesterday on the web site and managed to track him down and chat.
Thank you for all your efforts.
Peter Rostern

I keep spending lots of time on this superb website which I've become addicted to. I'm really impressed with the site and have spent lots of time reading through everything on it - well done! Must say that I can't get the Beatles out of my head though, but a brilliant choice and so very appropriate.
Jean Moore (Cornwall)

Iím working on it - should be ready for the next reunion. The quality of those already submitted is daunting! Still in lust with all the girlsÖÖÖ..Regards,
Roger  (Answering my request for his biog)

You are SO in trouble! I am becoming addicted to your website. There are no superlatives sufficient to describe the job you have done with it; I am surprised Susan is not suing you for a divorce citing ĎThe Websiteí as a third party! Many, many thanks again for the work you have done with the Website.
Roll on Saturday! 
Best wishes, Norma Hilton

Words fail me! - there appears to be a recurring theme for comments about the website - addictive! I would feel guilty if my boss caught me continually checking on the web site for new additions, but I am my own boss! I feel like a child counting the number of 'sleeps' until the reunion - only two sleeps to go! - can't wait.
Les Andrew

The website is fantastic - Well done. I thought I would add a brief biog for inclusion on the Brief Lives page.Also on the Please Miss page, I'm the one wearing the fetching cardigan sat next to John Watts at the top of the Coldhurst School page. Regards,
Mel Brierly

I can honestly say that you have brought new meaning to the word illiterate. I continue to be in awe of the website you have created and it is testimony to what can be achieved by a half wit.
Kind regards Sanch

WHAT A FANTASTIC JOB YOU GUYS HAVE DONE!! I hadn't got to the web site, thanks for the link. I spent far too long looking at it last night!
Susan Fletcher

Just been looking at the website again and saw the lovely tribute to Syd Jolley. It was such a shock as I hadn't heard. We used to go to Freehold, together with Colin Waldron, Brian Navin, Hazel Hunt, Joyce Hardacre and many more who also went to HTHS, so had known Syd since the very early years although not as much since I left school. I remember him as always being in the middle of everything, but always up for a laugh and usually playing football. So very, very sorry to hear of his death.

Many, many thanks for these comments...........they are really appreciated.  Keith.
Hi Keith,
Thankfully, John Watts recently contacted me via Friends Reunited and made me aware of your website. Youíve done a wonderful job and Iíve thoroughly enjoyed exploring it today for the first time. Thereís lots of interesting stuff to stimulate the olí memories and I will enjoy returning many times to absorb all the articles & photographs. What happy days they were! Thank you so much for all the time & effort youíve expended so that all the rest of us can enjoy reminiscing.
Iíve attached a couple of football team photographs I have. I also have somewhere a netball team photograph of the same vintage (no, Iím not on that too ... but someone I used to know is), however I canít lay my hands on it at the moment. When it surfaces, Iíll send it to you. Sadly, I lost most of my photograph archive (amongst other things) when I divorced.
Please keep up the good work
With Kind Regards,
Jimmy (Bancroft)
Dear Keith,
I have just today discovered your website and I am back in my days as a 11/12 year old at Hathershaw Tech. I was in the 1962 intake so you probably were not aware of me and my chronies, though I was of some of yours. Being football and sport crazy, the likes of Syd and Sanch were known to me. In fact Syd's brother Ron was my pal in our year. I even think I may have played in the same team as Sanch! Just to say I think you have done a fantastic job with the website, and even though I don't know most of the people in your year,( although I'm sure everyone in Oldham has heard of Nigel, who incidentally taught my two sons at Hathershaw), I was enthralled to see the staff photos. The one of Ron Armitage in his sandals in Germany 1962, with that faraway look on his face. took me right back to a London trip in circa '64/65.Unfortunately one of the highlights of that trip was our involvement in a train crash on the way there! I was fascinated to see the staff Photo from 1958, as many of those teachers were still there to teach me, especially the "Killer"! Didn't Charlie Bell look regal! Is there any possibility of this photo having names attached sometime in the future? In closing I wish to say thank you for enabling me to re-live a time when the world was a joy to live in, and life's values were much more true.

Ps. You've given me an idea to organise a 1962 reuinion in a couple of year's time. Thanks! Your website is now top of my "favourites" list, and I will continue to visit regularly for the latest updates.

Kindest regards,
David McNamara.