Hathershaw Tech gave me a deep love of literature, an appreciation of science and technology, a geographical and historical knowledge which, weekly, wins me trifling cash prizes in pub quizzes. A love of the outdoors beyond Hartshead Pike. A stumbling , over grammatical, version of German with which I can still communicate abroad. A liberal view of religion, morals and ethics. An ability to use mathematics beyond O Level (but I still think calculus is a cheat!) and an ability to produce a limited number of wholesome meals.

In my professional life I was appalled to come across so many teachers who knew so little - assuming every school taught so well. One of my regular jobs was "font of all knowledge" but I was replaced by Google. Just as well really as my memory is changing from a fine mature blue Stilton to a very indifferent Emmental.

I heartily give thanks to, in no particular order :
Geoff Rayson (an inspiration), Jap (Sensei) Wareing, Louise Houghton, Catherine Green and Jessie  Moorhouse.
Jim Mills - what a knowledge about everything................ except perhaps SEX.
Peter Halliwell, Brian Foster and Ron Armitage (what a lovely man) and another hero, Peter Hodgson - a great leap forward from Stan Firth. I wish I hadn't been such a snob about practical subjects.
Nori Clegg, slightly grudgingly. I've really regretted my disdain for metalwork since falling in love with old motorcycles.
Keith Lamb, I found I could do maths in his class - eventually.
Cyril Kerrigan - a very nice gentlemen when he came out from behind his reputation A bit like the Wizard of Oz .
'Thumper' Tom Townley whose lessons were an entertaining joy. (Don't try to look sage Heywood, you look more like an onion!) Whatever happehed to classroom Music Hall? A sad loss.
John Evans - a nice young man who has matured like a fine wine.
The donnish Ron Jackson did me a favour by releasing me from boring history (corn laws, electoral reform which I love now but were poor stuff compared with Geoff Rayson's mummies, battles, castles, Romans etc).
George Gartside - the most reasonable man I ever met who never asked you to do something without explaining why. He also could see through the smudges and smears, blurs and general dirt on my drawing board. I might not be a Les Andrew but I would get an O level.
Bert Fielding and Ronnie Healey whose combined A level maths was "a bridge too far" for me.
And finally Charlie Bell who, in some ways, made much of my (self limited) success possible. You generally do "reap what you sow.........if you shilly shally with riff raff......  get your hair cut Waldron"

Apologies to anyone I've missed.

Lastly an infinity of rousing cheers for Keith and Nigel and everyone who has worked so hard to make the reunion possible. I'm about to go out into Liverpool in my cab in a search for the blue plaque showing where Harold Wareing was born. His library began my life-long love of THE MANCHESTER GUARDIAN and I am saddened that a lover of Choppin (sic) (Frederick, Polish Composer, as pronounced by Taffy Foster) is suffering Beethoven's problem.

Vincent Waldron

An Appreciation of HTHS Education