What a find this Odds and Ends section is turning out to be! Since its creation a week ago, it has increased the Class of 58’s contribution to the site by 300%! You have Merry, Margaret and Susan all contributing either witticisms or memories of times long ago.

As for Susan protesting she was no actress, I can still remember her emerging from the spaceship with Derek McCullock and other aliens, resplendent in a silver costume and with stunning blond hair, in the school production, Rockets in Ursa Major. She might not have been up with Janet Rigby or Annie Bailey (The Unexpected Guest) or Janet Ashton (The Monkey’s Paw) or Sue Robinson and Ann Miller in the Helen Keller Story but she certainly wasn’t in the ‘Why troses?’ category! I would say a good competent actress.

I enjoyed Margaret Stanley’s reminiscence about her time at HTHS as she shared her memories of staff and situations. It was a nice piece . . .

(Bolt of lightening, crash of thunder and the ghostly voice of Jessie Moorhouse booms from the Heavens:)....

Russell, never use the word ‘nice’; it’s an anaemic word. Find a better synonym, such as ‘plodding’ or ‘pedestrian’ for her style, they are much more appropriate!”

Russell : ”Greatest of English teachers in my experience, forgive my dissent. I, too, have been an English teacher for 30 years and Head of English for 22 of them. You need to consider that Margaret has a pleasant style, tells her story in a logical, straightforward, steady way as befits a primary school teacher, connects with her audience and generates a warmth of memories in those who read it. Others might have a more punchy, vivid style but Margaret’s is measured. This is the new, positive way of looking at people’s written contributions. And you need to value that it is 45 years since she left HTHS but she still has enough vivid memories of that period of her life to want to share them. Now we value what people can do, and not judge them by the colour of their (red) hair! Mine was red (well auburn) and you showered me with praise and favour.”

Silence then a faint whisper of .............‘Judas!’

As for that “Merry wanderer of the night” (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, first revelation of Nigel’s Bottom on a stage, before he became trans), I don’t remember ever thinking that she and other members of the Upper Sixth were privileged to have shared History and English lessons with Nigel, Brian Heywood and myself.
I know we were opinionated on any and every subject and prone to dismiss those who did not see the world as we saw it (see how humble I have become since having my brain out and dusted in 1983!) but, I ask you Merry, who says the Upper Sixth were privileged to share these lessons with us? Not ‘faithless Nellie’ Marland, who crashed a car to get out of having to meet you at Dudley training college!
No, it is we who were privileged to enjoy so much silence and quiet when either Kenny Wright or Tizzy McP asked your lot a question.......

You see what happens. Keith, when you encourage those outside the mighty Class of ’59 to stray onto our site!

On the question of Mrs.Tizzywig, I can say the hair was the same, and the same style,as when I last saw her 5 years ago, without a hint of grey. Make of that what you will 'O ye vile detractors' of a truly boring teacher!

I remain, Keith, your devoted fan, O great creator of the HTHS web.*

Mike (I am very ‘umble, I am.)
*More in this vein please
See Discussion Forum, Jessica Moorhouse)