Dear Keith and Nigel
What an absolutely superb "do" from start to finish. I can't thank you enough for arranging it and for inviting me to come. I wouldn't have missed it for the world and it considerably exceed my expectations. Well worth driving over 700 miles in less than 36 hours! I enjoyed your various contributions throughout and I was able to speak individually as well as to groups of the old "Technonians". It was equally good to meet up with some of my former colleagues again (I am avoiding use of the word "old"). As a lot of you said it was an absolutely unforgettable experience.
My very warmest regards to you both and to Mick and Graham.
John (Evans)

Just wanted to say a big thank you for all of the work you put in to create such a wonderful reunion. You made it a perfect day and even the person who had been expelled found it a great event. He said it had exorcised a lot of ghosts for him!
I so enjoyed the opportunity to meet up with all those people and even though I had not met half of them before it was such a friendly and warm experience. It was like being in a time machine for me and I am grateful that I was able to take part in the day. It brought back a lot of warm friendships with both pupils and teachers. It amazed me that the teachers didn't look any older than the pupils!
Thank you both I know how much time and effort it must have taken . Your speeches were so funny and entertaining it really finished off a perfect day.
If either of you or anyone else wants some time in London please let me know and you would be welcome to stay with us. Now the children have flown the nest we have 2 free bedrooms. Bring your flack jackets as we are in Hackney!!
Love and many thanks to you both
Anne (Miller)XX
Keith & Nigel,
It's hard to say anything new that you didn't hear on the night from everyone who attended. Everything about the event was wonderfully organised, from the superbly entertaining website, the welcome at the Lyceum, the school visit and reception afterwards. The whole event was a tremendous credit to you both and I would like to say a big thanks for organising it and extending the invitation to the class of 1958. Please also thank the school and bar staff who also
helped make the day a success. I met many old friends and I hope the aquantancies we all renewed will keep going for many years to come. Once again, thanks for all the work you put in in order to organise a truly memorable event
Best wishes

Hi you two,
I can't thank you enough for sending the invite.
It was truly the best day out I have had for quite a while. The memories, the school and best of all the people. I was buzzing all day Sunday, bored the family as couldn't stop talking about what a great time I had. Gone to work this morning and probably bored them too, but who cares, it was great.
After a lot of shall I shan't I it was well worth going.
You both did a terrific job,
Can't wait for the photos
The big one has come out ok although I notice you didn't take that one Keith.
Ha Ha ..........only joking
Once again thanks a lot

Many thanks to Nigel & yourself for organizing what turned out to be a brilliant memorable day.
I enjoyed it immensely, well worth the trip up from Worcestershire !
I will be sending you my biog. Shortly but attached are photos of Paul Greenwood & Alan Knott on their first day at HTHS, & together on Saturday !
Again many thanks for a job well done !
Paul (Greenwood)
Dear Keith
To all who made the reunion such a fantastic occasion, many many thanks. It was wonderful to see so many friends and to hear of their experiences since leaving HTHS. I now have more happy memories to treasure. The organisation was quite brilliant and, to quote CCB ..." 'Course you know ! we knew it would be !' .." -- I just can't thank you enough for everything you did,
Peter (Halliwell).
Hi Nigel & Keith
What a fabulous day.I enjoyed every minute of it. It was lovely to meet up with so many friends and reminisce about things that happened in the good old days .It made you realise what good times they were. Many thanks for all your effort. I know that you must have put a lot of time and energy into the organisation of it but I know that everyone appreciated it and thoroughly enjoyed the occasion
My sincere thanks again and congratulations on a job well done
Pauline (Day)
Hi Keith and Nigel,
Well done! What a fantastic day!
The day surpassed all my expectations. It was wonderful to see everyone again; just a pity more could not make it.
My biggest regret of the day was that I did not spend much time with you both and Mike, but it is unseemly to fraternise with the staff; if we meet again in a social environment, I might deign to chat with you!
During my time at school, I was very fond of Mike - (ask him if he remembers recording on an old reel to reel tape recorder at my house) but he was so busy selling raffle tickets and serving up food that I had no chance to have a natter with him.
I had long chats with the two school ‘unapproachables’, Sanch and Wally. They were so shy at school, that to us girls they seemed aloof. This is the first time I have had such a long conversation with either of them and even that was not long enough, they were so interesting to chat with.
Denise Pennington and I have been sending each other Christmas cards for years and each year we have said that we must meet up. This had been the first time and I’m afraid that instead of circulating more, we spent a great deal of time giggling about our past exploits.
I recognised all of the girls - particularly Linda Shoebridge - and they seemed just the same as when we were at school, but there was just not enough time to catch up properly. I hope we keep in touch now that the ice is broken.
That was my day in a nutshell, but as for the event itself, you deserve knighthoods. Every detail was covered and more. What a brilliant touch the posters were and how delighted was I at winning one. I shall treasure it along with my name badge and the memories of the whole event.
I expect you to stay in touch now; that is not to say I would ever suggest that you organise another event, because you went above and beyond the call of duty on Saturday, but it would be very sad to allow this contact to be broken.
Nigel, to you I must say that I am looking for a ‘theatre buddy’. I love going to the theatre, but Geoff is not too keen. He enjoys The Royal Shakespeare Company, but Am Dram is not his scene. Could I ask you to let me know of your productions, but I need someone to go with as I am too nervous to venture on my own. Is this a big ask?
Keith, I said I would let you know when I shall be away for Christmas because Colin casually invited me to your Christmas ‘Do’. We leave England on 16th December and arrive home on the 6th January. I shall understand though if you want to keep it an all lads affair.
Thank you yet again for all your efforts. The hard work you put in paid off in spades. It was a wonderful day which I shall always remember.
Best wishes,
How do I start???? It was superb and every second of your mammoth efforts was more than worthwhile. Wasn't it all amazing?? I kept thinking "surreal" at first, but truly wonderful. THANK YOU for everything. I will continue to have my addictive sessions on the website until it ceases to hit the spot - can't imagine when that will be!!
When Celia first sent me the Chron. article I wasn't really sure that it was my thing, but thought if you'd all made such an effort you deserved support, but ----- how did it grow from that starting point??
So much is whizzing through my head and I'm sure I'm not the only one. The memories that are with me once again are unbelievable. THANK YOU - I truly mean it.
You were obviously born to be on the stage - your impersonation of "Killer" was magnificent and took me right back to the classroom. It was perfect!
I'm sure I'll be in touch again, but wanted you to know how much your efforts were appreciated as soon as I could get some words down.
Lots of love,
Jean xx

Hi Keith,
I really can't do justice to my THANK YOU at the moment, but must get a few words to you as soon as I can. It was wonderful, without a word of lie. My head is whizzing round and round - sooo many memories.I'm right back to my teen years - not sure that is a good thing at times!!!!! All your efforts were more than appreciated - there just aren't the superlatives to describe how much.
I feel there is lots I want to say, but perhaps best to think and let things settle down a bit first. I can only reiterate "THANK YOU" sooo much for all the work you have done (and are still doing),

Lots of love,
Jean xx

Dear Nigel and Keith,
Just to say a very big thank you for the re-union yesterday. It went so well. I was rather nervous about meeting people after such a long time but it was so well organised with plenty to do and see and talk about . I just wish we had had longer as there were so many that I really didn’t get to speak to properly.
You both have obviously worked so hard to make it a success and I for 1 am truly grateful. It is a day I shall always treasure.
Keith I know you wanted some feedback. It’s difficult to know where to begin but here goes.
The trip around the school was brilliant! What a different place it is!! It certainly didn’t have the same Family feel . Maybe because of it’s size. It was great to hear people remembering the different members of staff and their idiosyncrasies.
Probably my abiding memories will be of the “buzz” that never ceased, the laughter as we remembered some of the crazy things we did and the various punishments we endured and accepted, and the very fond memories of those members of staff who influenced us for good
Once again a tremendous thank you for making it such a success.
Gordon and I send you our warmest greetings.
God bless you both,
Janet and Gordon
Hope you managed a lie-in this morning, you sure deserved it.
Many, many thanks Keith and Nigel for a wonderful day. It must have exceeded all your expectations and you and your fellow organisers must be very proud. The thought of trying to match it next year is pretty daunting. Looking forward to the Reunion Photographs section being completed
John (Watts)
Reunion Comments
Dear Nigel and Keith
I would just like to reiterate the thoughts I expressed to you last night about how delighted I was to be there. I always liked to think that organisation was one of my few strengths, so I can fully appreciate the enormous amount of work that you and Keith have put into the whole caboodle. (Is that a real word?). For what it is worth I don't think that there was a single person present who was not over the moon with the whole event. Everything ran beautifully. And that buffet - what a delight that was!! I don't think I have ever been to a better one. The food was cracking. Who on earth did that for you? Whoever it was deserves a medal. 
One of the funny things about an event like that is that you peer at someone, and wonder who they are, but after you find out, and have spoken to them for a few minutes, the years roll away and you then wonder why you couldn't see it straight away. I always remember a scene from 'Goodbye, Mr. Chips', when one of the boys returns to the school after a number of years, and says to Chipps, 'You won't remember me.', and Chipps replied, 'Ah, but I do. But I remember you as you were all of those years ago, not as you are now!' and that is equally true of me. You are all preserved in my memory as you were all of those years ago, and Keith whatever you look like now, for me you will be forever that chubby faced little lad, who was so full of life and humour, with such a cheeky smile. Bless you all and thank you so much for inviting me. And Nigel, you may not have got the highest mark in woodwork but you certainly deserve a prize now - so you are forgiven.                                           
Peter (Hodgson)

Hi Keith & Nigel
Just a quick note to you both to thank you very much for organising the re-union. There are only the two of you who really know how much time & effort you both put into the organisation of this event to make it the huge success it was, people like myself can only imagine. I just wanted you both to know how much I, and I would hope everyone else who attended, appreciate you giving your time & efforts in this venture.
It was a truly memorable day and good to see, not only the two of you, but many other faces from a distant past and get the chance to 'catch up' and reminisce over what was a special time to us all.

Hi Keith and Nigel.
First of al I want to thank you both for arranging what was a fantastic day. I really enjoyed it and I'm sure everybody else did. Everything from start to finish was well organised and most enjoyable, especially the speeches.

I couldn't believe how well the teachers looked, during our discussions it was remarked that as we went through school and in later years they always looked the same.
It was fantastic to se how much the old members of staff enjoyed the day.
Don't forget to keep in touch and let me know when the next meal is planned.
Thanks again.
PS I will be still looking at the website everyday, especially looking for reunion photo's

Dear Nigel,   WOW !!!! - What a magnificent
reunion it was ! -- a sheer delight from start to finish -- the effort you and Keith put in was quite phenomenal -- and the result was one of the finest experiences I have ever had.  I will treasure memories of the joy , excitement, and absolute pleasure of the occasion always.Very many thanks for everything you have done - once again, you have made an old teacher very happy.
Sincerely, Peter (Halliwell).
Hi Keith and Nigel,
Thank you, thank you, thank you for organising such a spectacular event and for giving me the opportunity to be part of it. I've been buzzing with the memories ever since. You must be delighted that all your hard work (and I can only imagine how hard it must have been) paid off so magnificently. I called in at Derby on the way back and couldn't stop talking about it. Within a very short space of time I think the non attender from my family realised what he had missed! Roll on the next one!

A great big thank you for all your hard work. I have just completed a part of my biography and Keith has phoned, texted and otherwise communicated with me all day, even interrupting my quiz on what is my weekend (Tuesday Night) to try to make sense of my ramblings about my life pre HTHS and my first day as a Young Technonian. I had a wonderful time on Saturday. The Pennington sisters, Annie Kempster, Lnda Shoebridge, Dave Taylor, Alan Cooper, Brian Hartley, Jean Cornwall, Norma Taylor, Eddie Hardacre, Barry Skeldon and so many more "blasts from the past, "Fred" Wrigley, Les Andrew, (I used to wonder whether he was in some alehouse sketching customers for pints. How wrong can you get?) Pete Rostern, Roy Rainford. A great occasion and well worth the tribulations in its organisation. Shame no Cactus Jack, Gill Gill (are you 'avin a laugh?) or Janice Taylor. To anyone who didn't want to come - you made a wrong call. You would have loved it. I did and I'm a professional miserable bastard.
Oh, I missed out the staff, so great to see you all again - as Barry said, it was worth coming to be in their presence and not to be strapped!

Dear Keith and Nigel,

I want to thank you immensely for the reunion. I cant believe you did all that work and organisation which resulted in such a fantastic day for only £20. I had a great time really enjoyed meeting up with former class mates and trying to guess who they were before resorting to the name tag.

Quite a few people agreed with me that they too had had doubts about how it would be. I even considered turning back at one point on Saturday, such was my anxiety. What was I afraid of? Well I'm not really sure. Some thoughts in my head were that there could be some long forgotten bad feelings between people and who knows what that could have led to but my fears were quite unfounded.

Keith, I'm still amazed at some of the things you said to me are you sure you got the right bloke? You made me feel like your best friend! I always saw you and Sid and Eddie etc as the 'cool gang' and didnt consider myself quite on a par. Maybe time has mellowed all our memories.

After breakfast on Sunday I set out to photo some of the places where I and my family used to live but the drizzle and mist put paid to that and many of the places dont exist anymore. Oldham brewery was a particularly sad sight. Primary school has gone as has most of Bradford St, my dads factory, Coldhurst Hall mill etc etc. I was suddenly overcome with sadness and had to head for home. However those feelings have not spoiled the memories of a fabulous few hours of great reminiscing!
Well done again lads, thank you so much for such a great acheivement, bring it on again next year!!!
PS. a wonderful moment was when I decided to confess to Mr Halliwell that I had twagged one of his lessons by claiming to have gone to the dentist because I had not done my homework! He laughed and laughed that I had taken nearly 50 years to own up!!
Hello Keith,
After the undoubted excitement of the GRAND REUNION weekend, I am now back in my more usual dormant state of semi-existence & blissfull indifference!!
Entering a room full of people you have not seen for the best part of 45 years was a strange experience, recognising half a dozen faces immediately, a dozen more by name, & a lot more not at all. However the vast majority I found very approachable, communicative & most surprisingly, extremely modest in conversation.Most seemed sane & solvent & still had a smile on their faces. Not a lot more you can ask for really.
The success of the venture has been well recognised & accredited & I can only add my personal thanks to K & N for their tireless efforts. They appropriately burdoned themselves with the responsibility & I hope everything met their expectations.
May I wish all the year of '59 the very best of everything for themselves & their own, & hopefully I will meet some of you again.
Best regards
Tony Peck

We all very much hope so, Tony.
Keith & Nigel,
What a fabulous finale to your hard work!
Words cannot adequately describe the thrill of seeing fellow classmates again for the first time in over 45 years.
I must admit to a feeling of trepidation when I entered - Would I remember anyone? Would anyone remember me?
I needn’t have worried - although the intervening years have changed our appearances and dimmed the memories (mine at least), the warmth and bonding reminiscent of those schooldays in the sixties came flooding back the instant I walked into that room. The icing on the cake was the presence of the teachers - particularly Mr Lamb and Mr Evans - the former for providing us with a never-to-be-forgotten memory of school assemblies and the latter for his mentoring during those all-important sixth form years. Although I didn’t instantly recognize Mr Evans on the day, I will always remember and thank him for his contribution to my transition from boy to man.
Life will never be the same again - but for once, it’s because something positive happened. I renewed some friendships I thought had gone forever and for that I will be eternally grateful.
I entered the Lyceum at 3:15 pm on Saturday aged 61 and left at 11:00pm aged 17.
David Taylor
PS - a suggestion for the website - a ‘Future Events’ page to which people can submit ideas and/or organized events

Good idea David, will set this up soon.
Hi Keith and Nigel
It certainly sounds as though a good time was had by all! It was always a brilliant idea and deserved to be a success after all the work you both put in. In reply to Vinnie (hi Vinnie - excellent biog) : after the date had changed from tentative end of September to definite 10th October, I was never going to be able to come. In late July we had booked three weeks in North America leaving October 5th -- I'm typing this from Colorado Springs. I've enjoyed immensely following everything as it happened and have been proud to play a small and insignificant part. Just wish I could have been there. Looking forward to seeing the photos, I've made sure all hotel rooms have internet access!
I thought it was a time I was happy to forget. I find it's a time I'm more than happy to remember. Well done both.

And from America.....
Janice, Your name was included on the Absent Friends' list to whom we all raised a glass.

Hi to you two guys, just a quick line to say well done for organising a unique and totally enjoyable reunion, it was like stepping into a history book but some of the pages were a bit blurred. Some faces you recognise some you don't. The trip was good, the food was good and the entertainment, well what can you say when you have Oldhams answer to the Chuckle Brothers. Thanks for a great evening.
Now I am not very computer literate but I am going to try and send a photo from Limeside School it contains six 59'rs can you spot them. Three of them attended the reunion.
Les Thomas

Hi Keith,
I spent a good part of Tuesday evening revisiting your website and it was great fun, bringing back many happy memories.
Eventually, with the help of my hubby, I was able to view the slideshow of the reunion. You have done a great job in capturing the mood of the day. Many thanks for letting me gatecrash.
I have sent an e-mail to Nigel, thanking you both for a fantasic day and evening. I know you must have put in a great deal of time and effort, so thank you once again.
It was fascinating to read the letters from Jap and The Healeys and to know they are all still lucid and happy. It gives us some hope for the future! Also it was nice to get the feedback from the staff who attended and to realise how much it actually meant to them as well.
I hope that John W and Stuart will fulfill their promise to organise a reunion for 1958ers next year and that you will be invited as a special guest!
I have read the article in The Chron and wondered about this jolly good party you had with The Technique after we had all left. I don't believe it. Where are the photos!Finally, could you let me have Ian Wrigley's e-mail address? I have one in my address book on the PC but it is an old one and I haven't been able to contact him.
He was the one who informed me of the reunion but he did it through friends reunited.
Take care all of you and hope to see you in 2010.
Love Stan(Margaret Stanley)