Peter Marsh


Some things spring to mind that may be buried in the archives. I didn't see them.

I joined Robin Hill in 1951 - so soon after WWII and remember when, as some of the "bigger" boys, some bigger than others especially when we first attempted rugby - thank goodness I wasn't selected for any real playing position, when we were "corralled" into groups to help move "things" in the vans from Robin Hill to the brand new school.  What wonderful memories spring to mind.  This was in 1953 as I remember Hathershaw so vividly.  The "new" smells, the shiny floors, and the wonderful real Assembly Hall (not a gym) - with a real grand piano - which I played for morning assembly.  (Try doing that now.)

I remember some of my classmates, Colin Lees, Eddie Jones (who was a relative of Mr Wareing), Bill Charleston (an colleague and lifelong professional musician) Trevor Lewis, James Chandley, Arnold Ross, Derrick Caddick, Jack Lewis, some of the girls were Christine Sedjwick, June Logan, Sheila Swift and lots more I can't remember.

I remember riding my bike, along with Eddie Jones from Foxdenton Lane, Chadderton to Hathershaw.  A nice ride when it wasn't raining but what a misery when it was.  My fondest memories were of my excellent experiences in the Woodwork and Metal workshops.  How I loved to create things with my hands.  All was in good preparation for my Student apprenticeship with Ferranti Ltd starting in Autumn of 1956.

My piano and organ skills seemed to overtake my Engineering skills in 1968 when I turned professional musician.  Playing just about "everywhere" during my life mostly as a Bandleader/BandMaster/Music Manager for various Cruise Lines since 1974 until 2006 when I "dropped the anchor".

Living in the USA since the late seventies and retired to Naples in Florida.  I am planning on the reunion in 10.2010.


Peter Marsh