A comment from Nigel
Well as it all gets closer Keith and I thought it would be nice to look back on the whole process. I must apologise if we overlap in any way, but we are writing these appraisals independently.

The idea raised its head at our last Christmas Get Together when Mike Russell reminded us all that next September would be our 50th Anniversary.  After a few bottles of wine there was a wholehearted desire for a reunion and it was decided that I should make a start by contacting people through the Chron. some time in the future, as I had less to do than anyone else.

As you can imagine the enthusiasm soon waned and to be honest I forgot all about it. Around May of this year, however, I was being badgered by Keith, about what I was doing about the reunion.  To be honest it was the last thing on my mind as I had two massive productions going on at the same time.

But, as I have learnt since, Keith’s persistency pays off, and in July we decided to meet at the Lyceum to see if we could put some plans together, the rest is history.

The experience has been amazing and uplifting.  Not for one minute have I regretted a moment of it despite it growing into something we could never have imagined in our wildest dreams.

Keith and I have joked on the pages about our fall outs and rows but to be honest there was only one real bust up and, as it should be with real friends, it lasted just hours and was easily resolved.

The pleasure has been in the response to the whole thing, not just the numbers, but the sheer joy it has brought to people.  And this is where I have to wholeheartedly take my hat off to Keith, because without his farsightedness and IT skills which brought together the website, we would not have been conscious of any of this.

The Reunion will be all the better because of the website, as we all now feel we know one another again even though 45 years will have passed, in many instances, since people last met.

There have been a few emotional moments when talking to people for the first time in many years, none more so than when I finally contacted Andy Barlow or Cactus Jack as he is now known.

I am now certain that my memories are not over sentimentalised.  We were a special year and the 10th October will prove just that.


Apparently "We're goin' to the end of the line"!?