Oh dear ! 

Now Mike is getting his navy-blues into a twist. Didn’t know we were being marked and graded on what we write. Stan and I are going to have to sharpen our Bleischtifts and attack. In the old days, your parents gave you hell if your results were bad; now they give the teacher hell. If you think that we are cowed (not cowleyed - beat you to that one, Mike)  by your theatrical special effects - “a bolt of lightning” indeed, you are dancing on thin boards. I think that Stan’s “piece” was sharp and witty; just like she was. You could rely on her to make everyone laugh, except the one the joke was on.

I remember one day when we must have been laughing too much at Bottom, I said that I had a pain in my face and she came back, quick as lightning (now the word is appropriate, Mike) “yes, and it pains us too”. Howls of laughter. That was Stan. Nice friend. Liked to have her on my team even though she was a lousy shot.

Was surprised that she remembered my Mr Healey story( Mensuration) because I thought I had made it up, with all the rest. Just wanted to keep my new friend, Keith, happy. Don’t like to think of him, idle down at mill.

Stan’s story about her field trip to Wales with Mr Wareing, should be classed with all those other dangerous things that we did when we were kids and no-one batted an eyelid; least of all our parents. Can anyone imagine the rumpus today if students (nay, children) were left to fend for themselves on a Welsh mountain. All the tabloids would have a field day, too and Mr Wareing would never have been heard again. Thank goodness Martin Shaw was there to protect the “big girl’s” from any troops of woolly quadrupeds.

As for Mike’s references to Nigel, standing me up at Dudley, I had completely put it out of my mind; no-one likes being stood up. In any case, a fellow who prefers playing roly poly on the motorway could never have been my cuppa tea, either. So there.

PS  One thing puzzles me, Mike. You say that you had your “brain taken out and dusted” but you didn’t say what they put back in its place.

Just Curious.
Heaven knows no rage like love to hatred turned.........