This email came from Ian Roberts and is self explanatory. Ian is on the incorrectly titled 'First Old Boys' Photo, middle row fourth from right.
Thanks to him for clarifying some points, which I shall correct in due course, and we look forward to hearing more when he has time..........


I was there from 1954 to 1960 so was in the first form when the school moved from Robin Hill in early 1955. I did my GCEs in 1959 and stayed on an extra year to re-take Geography, History and others which I can't remember.

The photo described as 'The First Old Boys?' is, I think, a combination of members of Form VA (M-Z,which I was in) and members of a fourth year form. I can put names to some of the faces if you would like me to but I don't think I can win the champagne!

The photo captioned 'The First Intake' is, I think, part of the second intake (ie September 1955) as it contains Rory Hartley who was definitely in a class one year below me.

Looking at the facsimiles of the School Magazines reminds me that I was in the party that visited HMS Ocean in Liverpool (13.6.55), that I went to the Library theatre in 1958 to see Macbeth (didn't enjoy it then and still can't abide Shakespeare), that I was in the party that went on the youth hostelling holiday to Wales led by Mr Wareing. I also remember going on a school trip to Paris in 1959(?) organised and led by Mr R R Armitage but I didn't see any reference to that.

I have always known about the panoramic photograph taken in March 1957 as it hangs from a beam in my cottage.

I will happily write more if this is at all interesting but I really must stop now as I have just spent the best part of three hours browsing your site!

Do you have Mr Wareing's address? He was my form master for a number of years and was very encouraging of my ambitions to become a pilot (which I achieved - I retired in 2003 after a career as an airline pilot) and I would like to write to him.

Hope to hear from you


PS More Memories................
Ian Roberts
Graham Newton, Sid Sutton, myself, Ian Turner, David Sefton and others (including some girls) were known to the school as 'Lancashire County' pupils and we all caught the number 9 bus from Hathershaw to Ashton where Graham Newton, Ian Turner, David Sefton and I lived. Sid Sutton lived in Denton if I remember correctly. I never quite understood why we were all offered places at Hathershaw when we had all passed the 11+ and presumably could have gone to Ashton Grammar School or Audenshaw GS. Maybe AGS was over-subscribed and LCC farmed-out a number of pupils to any adjacent education authority that would have them.

I remember going in summer 54 with my mother and grandmother (by bus) to have a look over the fence at the new school premises at Hathershaw. I can only assume that she liked the idea of my going to school in a brand-new building; I don't remember having any say in the matter! I remember that in September 1954, on the very first day of my first term (which was at Robin Hill) I was accompanied by my mother and on the bus she got into conversation with a woman with another anxious boy in tow. This was David Sefton and we continued to travel the number 9 route until the end of summer 1959 when he left after O levels.

The old girl that I met back in 2002 or 3 who was trying to complete a matrix of the names of everyone on the 1957 panoramic photo is called Patricia Northcote, known back in the 50s as 'Killer'. I have no idea why. She left in 1957. She is still on Friends Reunited so she may be able to provide some names for you and I know she was in contact with a number of other old girls.

Just noticed a number of references to David Williamson. Am I right in my recollection that this was 'Whopper' Williamson? 

Why is it I can remember the form register from 1954 but I can't remember if I locked the back door?

McAllister, Michael
Morgan, David
Newton Graham
Newton, Jimmy
Nicholson, David
Poulter, Alan
Pymm, Geoffrey
Roberts, Ian
Rose, Frederick
Sandiford, Keith
Sargent, Douglas
Schofield, Keith
Sefton, David
Shore, David
Smith, Tommy
Stott, Ronald
Sutton, Sid
Sweatman, Beverley
Thompson, Martin
Turner, Ian
Turner, Phil
Waite, Norman
Whittle, Keith(?)
Wood, Brian
Wright (?)
Wrigley (?)