Pantomime Dame or Old Queen? - You decide!
I was intrigued with Simon Turmaine's reference to reading about Nigel in the Guardian so I asked Nigel what it was all about. When he sent me the piece I asked him why he hadn't mentioned it before (because it is SO unlike Barrel, believe me). He replied that he thought I wouldn't publish it because I have rejected so much of his stuff previously. This is quite correct, of course, because at one time the website was starting to look like 'The Nigel Marland Roadshow'.
However, this article deserves to be preserved as it serves to remind us of the contribution Nigel has made to the Theatre and, but for his cautious approach to his career, we could have been rubbing shoulders with a household name.
The Guardian 19/12/2009
"There's Nothing Like A Dame"
'The Saturday Interview' by Aida Edemarian
You bastard Royales, how dare you accuse me of attempting to dominate the site, when you know what a shy and retiring chap I really am.  You perpetually harangue me for not contributing to the site, force me to send you my newspaper cuttings (of which there are hundreds by the way if the site is short of quality material), and then snidily insinuate I bombard you with personal memorabilia (of which, again by the way, there is a plethora, if you need it).  At least I didn't include any photos with royalty on my autobiographical snapshot. That's it. From this day forward I shall just become a submissive visitor to the site and watch it descend dramatically down the drain.

A deeply,downhearted, disappointed and despairing DAME
"A deeply downhearted, despairing, Dame

Descends, dramatically, down the drain."
Brahms and Liszt