First and foremost I am most indebted to Nigel Marland for his daily support in this project which just kept on growing and at one time never looked like being completed in time, and for test driving each page. I thank him for his endless patience in putting up with my hissy fits when I was constantly dogged by technical problems. I also thank him for the witty and informative articles he submitted which kick-started the whole project. His history of Hathershaw will be of interest, I'm sure, to future researchers. And lastly for the loan of the school photographs so thoughtfully left to him by Jim Mills in his Will.

Many thanks to Michael Russell for encouraging me to continue this website after looking at the first couple of pages. It meant a lot to me at a time when I was wondering whether the whole thing was just a daft idea. Special thanks also for his excellent piece on the 'Staff in the 1960's' which is a unique record of the time and which, I am sure, future Educational Historians will find interesting and useful.
To Norma Hilton (Taylor) for sending in those first pictures which started the photographs section.

To Graham Sager for the newspaper obituary of Syd Jolley.

To Stuart Adams for loaning the phototgraphs of Technique.

To John Watts for the photograph of Form 1M.

To Janice Carole Birkill (Taylor) for contributing those photographs and for being my secret critic in cyberspace. Janice was smart enough to discover what was going on and followed the test runs as they were uploaded onto the net. Her comments were very encouraging and she kept to her promise not to tell anyone, in order that the surprise wasn't spoilt.

I cannot praise the Oldham Chronicle highly enough for all the help they have given. Many thanks to all the staff.

Finally, my extra special thanks goes out to you all, sincerely, for making the web site what it is. Your contributions have far exceeded my expectations both in number and quality and, on occasions, I have been quite moved. Your very kind comments have given me the encouragement to carry on and the work, as hard as it has been at times, has been thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyable. Please continue to send me material and I promise you this - for as long as you send it, I will publish it. Keep it coming and many, many, thanks again.

Keith Royales, October '09