I've just read your reminiscences of life in general and HTHS in particular with a great deal of interest and amusement - until I reached the part about the hankie/slipstream/large breast scenario whilst Llandudno bound.

What a wicked calumny!

I distinctly remember that it was a pale grey cotton cap, not a hankie. But of course you're absolutely right to doubt my expertise in this field - I admit to it being just a guess.
Wonderful memories though - and throughout the site, although my impressions of some of the staff are at odds with the reminiscences of others, I think everyone has Geoff Rayson and Nat Mills down to a 'T'.
You wondered what had happened to Spike Wilson post-Chron. My wife and I met a press acquaintance of his a few years ago on some garlic-soaked Greek Island. As I remember it, after the Chron he went to Glasgow and thence to edit a local paper in the Midlands, maybe Wolverhampton/Walsall/West Brom ?? thus fulfilling the school's forecast of "this boy will go far".

Andy Jackson, 
... now residing in Ripon, North Yorkshire after a mediocre military career and a fabulously successful Marketing career, ("fabulously successful" being marketing-speak for "barely adequate").  15/01/2010