What the hell is a FENT ?
1959 Magazine
Thanks to Beryl Schofield for this.
From John Watts

"Fents" - cloth remnants, ends of bolts of cloth etc
From Vinnie (of course, complete with joke)

A FENT is a remnant of cloth too small to be used in large scale manufacture like the end of a roll..  Are you sure you're an Oldhamer?  
(Vinnie, we didn't make cloth in Oldham.....we spun cotton. Cloth was made from wool and later synthetic fibres. Weaving was carried out in sheep farming country, Yorkshire, The Borders, Scotland and even here where I live, in Westhoughton. Can't remember many sheep farms in Glodwick.)

       Fent Joke...............
                 A man came into possession of a fent of excellent woollen worsted.  He decided to have a bespoke three piece suit made and went to Abe Isaacs, the  most expensive tailor in town.  Abe said the piece was too small for the suit and he went away disappointed.  Hearing the tale in the club that night an onlooker suggested he go to Moses Silberman, renowned as the most economical cutter in the whole county.
                   The next day he went to Silberman's Superior Suits with his fent. 
  "If I make you the suit do you want the offcuts?" asked Silberman.
  "Of course not." the man replied , "But can you make me a three piece suit?"
  "Is Rabbi Goldblatt Jewish? Of course I can", said Silberman.
  " But Abe Isaacs said he couldn't even make the suit.  Why was that?" the man asked.
"Because I will use your offcuts to make a fine suit for my only son.  It is a perk of the trade.", said the tailor,

" Abraham has twin boys!"  
May I express my delight at the rediscovery of the 1959 mag.  I know we were not in it but I have searched the others in vain for Mrs Green's Kipling  spoof  "Dirge of a Domski " and it is just as good as I remembered it.  I was also particularly taken with the quality of the caricatures of staff.  Joe Wilcock's work?